We here at Calvary are extremly grateful for our partnership with other ministries across the United States, North America, and the Globe.  The following is a few links to some of those other organizations that we have an active partnership with or other resources such as podcasts we find useful in our devotion and discipleship! 

To learn more please click the links below and celebrate the work God is doing in and through his people!  

The North American Mission Board & the SEND NETWORK

Church planting isn't just a ministry for individuals . It is a ministry for the whole Church... in fact we could say that it is THE MISSION of the church in light of the great commission. NAMB and the SEND Network through cooperative giving, training, and other valuable resources are helping to support and encourage church plants and thier pastors in a way that is unequalled. 

Please check out thier page to learn more about how you could be involved and praying for them!

p.s can you find the pastor of Calvary Loup city in this recent pic taken with 200 other church planters and replanters? 

healthy churches are multiplication churches!

We were never called to be on mission alone

The Calvary Family of Churches is an organization that actively supports the infrastructure, planting, and replanting of our member churches. The Calvary Family of Churches is made up of an interdependent family of self-sustaining, self-governing, self-replicating churches that share a common family name (Calvary Church), vision, mission, doctrine, core commitments, family traits, and family affiliations. The CFC is also a resource for churches who are looking for consulting or assistance as they carry out their ministry.